Cel Painting: Galleries and Resources

Chances are, you're here either because you know what cel painting is and are interested in my gallery and tutorials, or you don't know and are curious. For the curious, this page explains exactly what cel painting is.

The work is arranged chronologically in each gallery. I didn't know a thing at first, and I freely admit that I sucked. So if you're in it for the pretty pictures, you might want to skip the first few paintings. If you intend to browse through the tutorials afterwards, you should start at the beginning and read all the horror stories and insights captioned below each cel. It will give you an idea of what you're in for and perhaps a bit of hope.

Original CelsFrom start to finish, these cels are completely of my design.

Unfinished b&w sketches by other artists that I have redrawn and colored.
Cels rendering a colored illustration made by another artist in non-cel media.
Cels made from production and promotional cel art with few changes.

So that no one else will ever have to find out what happens when you put paint over ball-point pen lines:----------------------------------------------------------------

  • Supplies from basic to advanced rated by how well it works and price
  • Basics covers everything you need to do a simple reproduction cel
  • Intermediate mostly for people who want to convert their own art to cels
  • Advanced goes beyond simple animation style to elaborate effects
  • Troubleshooting 'cuz weird shit happens
  • Q&A if you have a question that isn't covered, submit it here
  • Links websites with my cels and useful links to other information resources