Operation: Big Pullip

Lots of people buy pullips because they can't afford 1/3 scale dolls. Lots of people give up their pullips when they switch over to 1/3 dolls. Here's a nifty tutorial that lets people get what they want and not have to susbstitute or discard. And for the first time, allows you to keep all the eye articulation of a Pullip when making the switch!

What you need:

An Obitsu 1/3 (60 cm) body
A Pullip Head
A dremel or an craft blade for carving
A screwdriver

There's Rida's head. There's Rida's body. There's Rida's head on her new body. Ok, so it looks pretty unnatural, but proportionately, the bigger body is more 'correct'. The trick is to make it look right.

The neck hole is going to have to be enlarged...

On the left is Rida's head on the natural neck knob. Pullip heads don't attach like most dollfie heads. On the right is Rida's head about 1/8" lower, which also makes it look much better. Swanlike=good. Giraffelike=bad.

Here's a side view. On the left is where the head naturally sits on the obitsu body, on the right is where I want it to be for it to look good. So that's #1 on the list of things I need to change.

The neck knob does protrude way into the head, but I think the eyemech could be modified and still work. It's worth trying at least. So that's thing #2.

I'm modifying the neck knob by cutting 1/8 inch down, all the way around.

Instead of removing the lip of neck, I'm just moving it up. This way the gap is just shifted down.

Next I used a dremmel to enlarge the neck hole so that the neck post would fit.

Now it fits!

Ok, got that done, now onto the last part, modifying the eye mech so that it works and still goes into the head.

These pieces need to be carved away as much as possible.

This bottom attachment part is going to have to go now too.

They both fit! Huzzah! I also modified the neck knob slighly more. I used a hair elastic to make the gap a little tighter since the soft rubber neck is pushed apart very easily. And to keep the neck knob functioning but to make it slightly smaller, I carved away at the anchor that keeps it on as well.

She looks to the left

She looks to the right...

She blinks...

"wow, I'm totally a real girl now! Those dazed looking dollfies will never know what hit them!"

If you want to complete the look with some realistic acrylic eyes, see the Acrylic Eye tutorial.

Lots of thanks to Kittycat Black for letting her doll be my frankenstein experiment! She makes cool jewelry so go check her out sometime.