Type 1 Poseability Modification

For this project you will need:

  • Dremel
  • Multiple grades of Sandpaper

With a little modification, Type 1 bodies are more poseable than Type 3s. It's such a simple modification that after I did it on my test body, I went and changed all my girls immediately. This modification will give greater range of poseability to the arms and legs.

Unscrew the torso. To give the arms greater range of poseability, all you have to do is sand down the shoulder cuff rim. This allows the arm to lie flatter against the torso, and move further in towards the body in other positions.

To do the legs, first you have to remove the interior thigh panels. Spread the legs, remove the screws, and off they come.

Take the dremel and carve a semi-circle or crescent shaped groove into the thigh below the ball hollow. You may carve into the screw hole, but it's ok, the screw should still go in. Use your various grades of sandpaper to smooth out the groove.

Reassembled, from the front the modification looks like this (which is still less drastic than the indentations in the same place on both type 2 and 3 dolls)

Your pullip, among other things, can now do this, as well as a whole range of angular leg positions it could not do before.

So the new modified pullip next to Moon (who has been modified with body blushing, but still has the standard range of type 1 movement and cannot cross the legs or let the arms fall straight down)