This is how I make my dolls' boots. It's pretty simple and comes out looking nice. For this project you will need:

  • Razor Blade
  • Pair of Barbie or similar brand boots (you will destroy them)
  • Leather or fabric of your choice
  • Sewing equiptment

First, you'll need a pattern. Take the leg of the doll you're going to be making the pattern for, and put her leg in profile over a piece of paper. Trace the shape of the leg going as high up as you intend for the boot to go and then a little extra for seam allowance at the top, and with 1/2-3/4 on each side of the leg silhouette. When you get down to the foot, after the sole just make a straight line extending down about 1/2". It will end up looking like a christmas strocking. Tip: When making patterns I use pieces of scrap cardboard or file folder. This makes them more durable and much easier to trace.

Next, get out your boots. I prefer My Scene strappy high heel shoes usually because I don't use them since the skin tones don't match pullips. Anyway, cut off the heels. You will be going through solid plastic, so take your time and be careful! When you're done, you have a nice set of colored soles. Depending on how big your shoe of choice is you may have to extend the toe of the pattern you just made.

Trace your pattern onto the back of the leather, twice facing one side and twice reversed. Now cut them out.

Ok, to those who only have minimal sewing knowlege, pair up the boot patterns so that you have one of each side, and the shiny outer side is facing in. Either by hand or by machine, sew the front seam first, because this is the curviest. Next, roll over the top seam (where the boot will end on the leg) and hem that. Finally, sew the straight back seam. Turn the boot inside out.

This step I don't have pictures for, because it was impossible to demonstrate and take pictures of at the same time. Take some fast acting glue like superglue and SPARINGLY draw a little line around the edge of the outside of the bottom of the boot. This is the excess part that you cut extending belong the foot, remember? Do one side first, and carefully line up the seam with the edge of the shoe. Now do the second side. If you need to press down from the inside a finger should be small enough to do it, but the fabric is soft so you should be able to do it all from the outside of the shoe if you fold the glued part under.

Eventually you'll have a pair of nice high fuck-me-boots that will fit your type 1 and 2 girls without removing the foot. Yay! Once you get it down you can play around with the pattern for different shapes and lengths. This method will also work for shorter high heeled shoes, but obviously you're going to have to make much smaller and different patterns for the fabric part over the stolen sole.

Nightshade demonstrates her favorite pair: