This section is mostly taken from the pullip mook for types 1-3, and my tape measure for Namu.

Type 1

Height 31cm
Bust 11cm
Waist 7cm
Hip 10.5cm
Head 25cm
Neck 3.5cm
Length of Back 4cm
Shoulders 3.7cm
Length of Sleeve 6cm
Length of Legs 14cm
Thighs 7cm
Foot Size 3cm
Foot Width 1cm

Type 2

Height 32cm
Bust 11.5cm
Waist 8cm
Hips 11cm
Head 26cm
Neck 3.5cm
Length of Back 4.5cm
Shoulders 4.5cm
Length of Sleeve 7.5cm
Length of Legs 13cm
Thighs 7cm
Foot Size 3cm
Foot Width 0.9cm

Type 3

Height 30cm
Bust 10.5cm
Waist 6.5cm
Hips 11cm
Head 24cm
Neck 3.5cm
Length of back 4.5cm
Shoulders 4cm
Length of Sleeve 7cm
Length of Legs 13.5cm
Thighs 5cm
Foot Size 2.1cm
Foot Width 0.7cm


Height 35cm
Chest 13.5cm
Waist 10cm
Hip 12.5cm
Head 26cm
Neck 4cm
Length of back 7cm
Shoulders 8cm
Length of sleeve 10cm
Length of leg 16.5cm
Thigh 7.5cm
Foot size 3.5cm
Foot width 1.5cm