Mini Body Swapping

This tutorial is a work in progress. As new mini bodies become available, I'll add other body swapping tutorials here. Since minis all have the same head, they're not as complicated as regular pullips

What you need:

Craft blade

(if painting)

Minis suck. They're cute and all, but they lack all of the articulation that makes regular pullips so much fun. They also all look slightly insane. When it comes to pic-fics, they are horrible for posing since they pose worse than barbies. Worse than BARBIES. That says something, huh?

There are better bodies out there, depending on your needs. Let's go down the list of the ones I'm aware of:

From Right to Left: Bendy Mini Bratz, Mini Bratz, Mini Pullip, Microman, Konji Doll

Bendy mini bratz don't have any more articulation, but they're bendy. Non-bendies have no more articulation than a regular doll but now you can use all the mini bratz clothes more easily (the giant boobs on the pullip mini make most small clothes a bit tight in that area). Mini Pullips sort of bend. They break rather easily at the waist and hip joints. Microman bodies are as articulated as an obitsu hard bust body, and if anything pose even better. They look kinda freaky next to the other dolls, but they look more normal with clothes on and often come with lots of different hands. The last doll is the Konji doll. This doll is pretty much the same dimensions as the others (I don't have any, but I've seen pictures next to a mini pullip) but with elbow/knee articulation. The knees have a reputation for breaking, but other than that she's very similar in skintone and she has her own line of shoes (which come off her feet)

Bratz are the easiest bodies to swap out for cheapness and available wardrobe. Konji dolls cost about as much as a mini pullip, and have a nice balance of look and articulation. Microman is for people who NEED the articulation. They are very hard to track down in the US, and can range from cheap to very expensive. They also come in small (like type 3/bratz small) medium (hard bust obitsu/type 2 pullip) large (large obitsu/type 1 pullip) and extra large (ungodly huge on such a small doll) busts. Mini bratz clothes don't fit all that well because they have wider hips than the other kinds of mini dolls.

Microman Bodies

These things come in lots of colors. If you can find yourself a flesh colored one you'll have a rough match. If. I went with pink because it was a) cheap and b) pink is closer to mini-flesh than most of the other colors (i.e. light blue, navy blue, black, red...) The size you see is 'large bust', about the same as Belladonna's body.

The microman body needs a neck knob. It's also a little skinny. The first thing I do is sand the neck post to roughen it up so that the apoxie will stick better.

Next I mix the epoxie (note: when using a 2-part epoxy in very small quanitities, make sure you have the proportions right and thoroughly mix it. If you don't, it won't dry hard enough) and sculpt a neck and neck knob. It doesn't have to be exact because you can carve and sand it down later, so err on the side of bigger.

Wait until the epoxy has cured (usually 1-2 days) and SLOWLY carve and sand the neck down until it is a size that fits in your mini's head. Too tight a fit will make it more likely to snap off. If you can turn the head on the knob you're good. Unlike regular dolls you don't have to worry about the head being wobbly if the fit isn't tight.

You don't need to take a mini's head apart completely to put it in the head. Pull up the back of the wig until you get to the hole about half way up, insert screwdriver and unscrew until the head cracks apart easily. Insert neck and re-screw.

If you got a body that needs painting, follow the instructions in the painting tutorial. You don't need to use an airbrush, but it helps. The microman bodies paint up very well (they're supposed to) the only problem joints are the shoulder sockets and the neck socket. I gave Belladonna a necklace to cover up the last joint, and just keep her in tops that don't show the shoulder sockets when I can. The knees, elbows, and other joints haven't been wearing off.

The big microman bodies can stand on their own, as well as pose like crazy. The feet aren't going to fit any mini-feet, so I just painted mine's feet black to look like shoes.

Do you want to put your mini on a mini bratz body or Konji body? If you pay for shipping I'll do the customization free so I can take pictures to put up a tutorial. Email me for more info!