Swappin' Bodies (Volks)

Love the sleek artistic curves of a volks? Me too. Want to know how to put them on any doll?

Materials needed:

  • Small phillips' head screwdriver
  • Mini-elastics (like for hair braids, or out of toy boxes)
  • Exacto blade

Above, you see the heads of a Type 1, Type 2, and Type 3 pullip

Type 1 has a very small neck hole, but since it goes through the entire neck, it's thicker than the other two, which have an outside and inside hole.
Type 2 has a large round hole on the outside, with a slightly smaller, also round hole set on the inside.The neck peg has a thick core, with a flat top.
Type 3 has a slightly smaller outside hole than Type 2, and is oval. The inside hole is larger, but it only has a rim on the front that slopes into the sides and none in the back.

The volks body comes with thre different neck peg sizes, and a ring to hold the neck peg on that clips on just above the peg (there's picture instructions in the package). The system is a lot easier than obitsu neck sizes; to fix a volks to take a pullip head straight out of the package takes less than a minute. The picture you see below is of the volks neck prepped to go on a type 2.

Volks body with a....

Type 1 head: Put the medium peg on. You're done.
Type 2 head: Put the medium peg on and put approximately 3 elastics around the shaft of the neck to thicken it. When you can close the head over it without it getting wobbly, you've got the right amount. If the head doesn't close, you have too many elastics on there.
Type 3 head: Use the large peg and put approximately 3 elastics around the shaft of the neck to thicken it. You will also need to carve out the sides of the outer hole (NOT the inside one) for better side-to-side head turning.

Over time, the volks torso/breast joint loosens up under the weight of a pullip's head. If you want to repair this or prevent it, here's a really quick fix tutorial involving craft foam and a pair of scissors.

To switch a body:

Remove the two screws at the bottom of the head (the visible screws). The wig/scalp don't need to be removed. Holding the chin with one hand and the ears with the other, pull the head apart gently until it is wide enough to remove or insert the body. Replace screws. All done!