Swappin' Bodies (obitsu)

So you're all about the poseability, huh? Here's how to do it for all three types.

Materials needed:

  • Small phillips' head screwdriver
  • Mini-elastics (like for hair braids, or out of toy boxes)
  • Hack saw/Jewelry saw/hedge trimmers
  • Apoxie

Above, you see the heads of a Type 1, Type 2, and Type 3 pullip

Type 1 has a very small neck hole, but since it goes through the entire neck, it's thicker than the other two, which have an outside and inside hole.
Type 2 has a large round hole on the outside, with a slightly smaller, also round hole set on the inside.The neck peg has a thick core, with a flat top.
Type 3 has a slightly smaller outside hole than Type 2, and is oval. The inside hole is larger, but it only has a rim on the front that slopes into the sides and none in the back.

Obitsus are complicated. First, they come with two different types of necks, and each type of neck has a different way of altering it to go on a pullip. We'll start with the popular soft-toro bodies

Method 1: This is the less labor intensive version, but it requires about 5 hours for the epoxy to dry.

Step 1: With the post already inserted into the neck (the smallest size) you have two problems. First, it's too long. It will interfere with the eyemech if you put it in the head this way. Second, it has no top part that will hold the head on the neck. So take a pair of pliers or cutters or whatever you have, and cut the post in half lengthwise. Roughen up the bottom part of the post with sandpaper, or just making shallow cuts with your cutting tool (so that the apoxy bonds better)

Step 2: Using your apoxie, sculpt a nice wide neck nob. Let dry the advised time.


Method 2: This method is more labor intensive, but it will get the head on the doll sooner as you don't have to wait for any apoxie to dry.

Step 1: replace the stock neck peg with one of the two larger neck pegs that come with the body. To do this, you're going to have to slide the neck down enough to remove that pin you can see in the picture. This will let the neck come out, and then you can screw one of the anchors into one of the large neck pieces, stick that into the neck, and re-insert the pin.

There should be a step-by-step diagram on the box, which while in japanese, is still pretty self-explanatory. Getting the neck down far enough on both sides and sliding the pin in is very difficult, so it may take a few tries.

Step 2: The soft bust I had had already been clipped, but that's what you'll have to do now. Either with clippers or a saw, cut through the neck peg about half way down. BE CAREFUL. If you're using a saw, do it slowly. The neck will wiggle around while you cut. It's supposed to. When you're done, it should look like the above pic. Done.

For all Hard-Torso bodies (except 23cm, as the neck peg is short enough already):

Here's the neck as it comes straight out of the box, with the thinnest peg on there. Once again, this is too long to put in a pullip because it will interfere with the eyemech, as well as not being thick enough to keep a head on.

Remove the screw that holds the neck peg on, and pull out the other neck pegs that came with the body.

I'm pointing at the neck peg you want to use. The big one. But it's still too long, so you're going to shorten both the top of the neck shaft, and the bottom of the peg by about 1/8" or 1/4cm.

The short peg is the peg after I sawed it, and you can see how much shorter the neck shaft is. The hole in the neck shaft may have closed up a bit, so you want to find it and re-open it so you can put the screw back in there

All done. This is probably the second-easiest fix. It takes less time than cutting down a soft body torso, because switching peg sizes is much easier.

Obitsu body with a....

Type 1 head: Put the head on. You're done.
Type 2 head: Use elastics to thicken the neck peg so that when you put the head on, it isn't wobbly. If both sides of the head don't close, you used too many elastics.
Type 3 head: Use elastics to thicken the neck peg so that when you put the head on, it isn't wobbly. If both sides of the head don't close, you used too many elastics.

To switch a body:

Remove the two screws at the bottom of the head (the visible screws). The wig/scalp don't need to be removed. Holding the chin with one hand and the ears with the other, pull the head apart gently until it is wide enough to remove or insert the body. Replace screws. All done!