Tummy Pop No More

For this project you will need:

  • Craft foam
  • Scissors

The biggest problem most people have with type 2 bodies is the 'tummy pop'. As in, if the doll is not straight (and sometimes even then) the stomach will come out of the hips in all kinds of ugly and frustrating ways. This is a slightly more secure version of the traditional fix, allowing you to use a thin foam with results just as sturdy as a more difficult thick foam fix.

1. Cut two approximately 2.5"x.5" strips. In the center of each strip, cut out a hole. You don't need to punch it, you need a cut going from the outside to the hole.

2. Remove your pullip's arms, as it will make sliding the torso up much more easy.

3. Pull up the torso as far as possible.

4. Slide in one of the pieces, taking care to center it so that the hole will go around the shaft that connects the torso to the hips. By doing this, you are anchoring the foam which will make the fix much more sturdy and not make you have to keep readjusting the foam later on.

5. Before you tuck in both sides, put in the second piece going around the other way. It is easier to slide this in between the first piece and the body.

6. Once you get both pieces in securely, tuck the ends up the sides and in the front and back between the mechanism and the torso and slide the torso down. Make sure the foam is not being pushed down into the hips and is staying flat against the mech as it goes up into the body.

7. Replace the arms and you're good to go. The foam fix even pushes the sides of the tummy flush against the hips so that the love handles aren't as obvious. If you like type 2 bodies, or for some reason can't replace it, the foam fix is a must.

Now the tummy will not pop out of place. Ever.