1/4 3 Skirts

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This is a pattern for 3 skirts, 5 waistbands and suspenders!  And THEY ALL COMBINE!  You can wear a 3 layered skirt, 2 layered skirt, or 1 layered skirt.  Wide waistband, narrow waistband, waistbands with inserts, and suspenders for all!

Patterns included: Straight skirt with ruffle, 3-lobed skirt, 2-lobed skirt, narrow waistband, medium waistband, medium waistband with insert, wide waistband, wide waistband with insert, suspenders
Sizing: 16"/40cm 1/4 scale Slim MSD dolls like Ellowyne Wilde, Fairyland Minifees (Full size charts here)
Supplies needed: 1/4 yard fabric, thread/sewing supplies
Difficulty: Easy-intermediate.  All options are easy to sew, but layering on small dolls is tricky for new sewer