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On people, corsets shape YOU, but on dolls that's not possible, therefore a corset must be perfectly fitted to look like a second skin!  This pattern has been designed so that anyone can sew it with the precision needed to get a nice fitting corset.  It includes instructions so that you get good results with a wide variety of fabrics, and includes alternate instructions for lining and boning, IF you want to do those things!  Pattern also has different methods of finishing the back for lacing.  You can use eyelets, but if eyelets scare you or you just don't have any, you can use common looped lace to fake it.  

Patterns included: Underbust corset with peaked/straight cut options and flush/wide lacing closure options.
Supplies needed:1/4 or less fabric, fusible interfacing, cord (or ribbon or embroidery floss) for lacing and ~1/8" eyelets or looped lace for closure.
Difficulty: Moderate.  This is a very simple pattern, but the precision will be difficult for beginners.

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