Modern Hanfu

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Hanfu are Chinese traditional dresses.  They have come in MANY styles over the years, and this pattern covers the ones you'll find people!  While there are lots of different options to mix and match as far as trims, collars, and sleeves, dresses can be made in 2 main styles: knee-length layered lolita versions and a chic, semi-formal dress type.  Both can be made with overbust sash or at waist sash styles.  

Patterns included: Outer/inner tops, narrow/wide collar, narrow and flared shoulder trim, long sleeve with cuff, sash, skirt and ruffle
Difficulty: Intermediate (gathering).  There are no curved sleeves or round collars, most seams are straight.  As long as you are comfortable with gathering this will be an easy sew!
Dolls it fits: 1/3 adult female dolls, both resin (Fairyland F60, SDGR) and vinyl (Dollfie Dream, Smart Doll)
Supplies needed: 1/3-2/3 yard of fabric depending on direction of print, closure of choice (snaps, hooks, velcro), general sewing supplies (needles, thread)