Hakama Pants

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Hakama pants are a traditional type of pant often (but not always!) worn with a kimono both in modern and historic Japanese styles.  Hakama are worn by Miko (Shinto priestesses), while practicing kendo (swordsmanship) and in formal situations by both men and women--and this pattern is unisex, so it also fits both men and women! 

Patterns included: Hakama with sashinuki (gathered ankle) options for 1/3 scale dolls.  Kimono not included, there is a separate pattern for those.
Supplies needed: 1/2 yard fabric, thread/sewing supplies
Difficulty: Intermediate.  These are loose fitting pants with pleats.  They look really complicated, but as long as you can iron in folds along the guide lines in the pattern you may find these easier than traditional western pants.

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