Japanese onesie: Kigurumi Animal PJs

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Kigurumi are Japanese onesie animal pajamas. They come in all different colors and animals, and look absolutely ADORABLE, whether worn as night wear or as a Halloween costume. This is also a really easy pattern, because it's a baggy one-piece outfit. It is also a great pattern for people who like to modify patterns, because once you have the basic Kigurumi you can easily switch out things like tails and ears to create a whole menagerie of animals!

Patterns included: Kigurumi with different tail/ear options, and difficulty variations for all sewing levels for tiny BJD dolls (100% for 16cm, 150% for 27cm)

Supplies needed: 1/4 yard fabric, thread/sewing supplies
Difficulty: Easy.  You can also check out the 'Tutorials' section for free resources on sewing and sizing.

You will get a link to the .pdf file to download on checkout as well as in your order confirmation email.  You can buy/download/print and get started in minutes!