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April 2015
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New outfits available on Etsy!

I’ve been sewing like a demon for the last few days, and here’s the result:

Tiny Furisode


Tiny BJD Yukata

Tiny yukata

ALL OF THEM are now available in my Etsy Shop.  And yes, the do count for the 1000 Review giveaway contest!

Why a dozen tiny kimono?  Mostly because I buy tiny-scale kimono fabrics and hoard it, and Pong just looks so darn cute!  I’ll probably put together some petite slimline clothes too, but I haven’t decided what yet.

New tiny & tiny clothes!


This is Pong, she’s a Fairyland PukiFee. I used to have a Luna, but I sold her because I didn’t play with her enough. Pong I got in trade for some customizing work specifically because she was in pretty bad shape. At some point someone sanded out her little tooth and tried to give her human ears, she had a nasty faceup, some scratches and was fairly yellowed.

The seamstress and the customizer are conflicted over this. The customizer wants to scrub and soak Pong in a de-yellowing treatment and give her a full restoration spa job. The seamstress is going “NO! Then you’ll be afraid to damage her and won’t be able to use her for sewing as easily!” Doll problems. As a compromise, I sanded her clean and gave her a new faceup and mani/pedi so she looks cuter when she models the clothes.

Tiny BJD Yukata

I’m putting more pre-made clothes on Etsy. These are tiny BJD sized yukata, and will be going up in the shop soon. The ones in the center with the narrower/plain Obis are for boys.  The price when they go up will be $27.50.

New pattern! And contest! And more subscriptions!

First, the newest pattern:

Petite Slimline Traditional Etsy

This is a double pack, AND the first pattern to include both boy and girl sizes when it wasn’t one size-fits-all. This makes the pattern pages a little more elaborate than usual, but for the price of a double pack, you get a gi, kendo uniform, and shrine maiden/samurai outfit in both Slimline Male and Petite Slimline Girl sizes!

(This is what happens when I watch a lot of period anime while making patterns)

Second: CONTEST!
1000th Review Giveaway on Etsy

I hit 1,000 reviews on Etsy! Yay! So I’m doing an Etsy giveaway contest. You can enter/win two ways:
1. Anything bought in the shop in the month of April is a chance to win a copy of every pattern I make through the end of the year. Since I’m averaging around 3 patterns a month, with a lot of those being double and 1.5 packs, that’s a LOT of patterns! Each item is an entry, so you buy 5 things, 5 entries.
2. Any review left for the shop in the month of April is a chance to win 1 outfit made from the pattern of your choice. You can leave reviews up to 60 days after you make a purchase, so if you made a purchase as far back as February, you can still leave a review!

I wanted to do a custom doll, but I think I’ll save that for the social media contest I have planned as most of my dolls and customizing supplies are packed up for moving :)

Pattern Subscription

The first round of subscriptions finished up with this pattern. Of the patterns, there were 2 double patterns, 1 1.5 pattern, and 2 regular patterns. The 5-pattern subscription rate of 22.50 turned out to be 40% off the individual pattern prices. And that doesn’t even count the free patterns I sent out by accident.

New (limited) subscription slots are now up in the Etsy shop, so get them while you can!

Time to sew again!

All of the indoor cleaning/decluttering/staging in my house for putting it up for sale has been done.  Pictures have been taken.  Now I just have to keep it clean, which is waaaaay easier.

Figured it was time for another feedback poll about what kinds of patterns people want to see.  This one has no poll options to click.  You’ll have to comment (you don’t need to register to comment) with answers to to following questions

1. What is the next size of doll that I should start adding patterns for? (for example, Blythe, Barbie, 18″, etc)

2. What kind of patterns do you want to see in the future?

3. If I were to do 20th Century Fashion packs (by decade, so 90s, 80s, 70s, etc) which era(s) do you want to see the most, and which fashions do you want that era to include?

That’s all for now!  Answer any or all, and I’ll take that feedback into account when I start drawing up my new design to-do list!

Brief interlude

I’m in the process of putting my house for sale, and part of that involves packing up all my dolls for temporary storage.  So depressing -.-

I did keep a couple out so I will be able to continue sewing and making patterns, but most of my time has been going to the house these past few weeks.  Almost done though!  Then the dolly posts will resume.

Tiny BJD Rococo pattern on Etsy

The Rococo pattern has been adapted for tiny BJDs and put on Etsy.  The skirt of this dress is so incredibly full, it can even be worn by tiny centaurs:

Tiny Rococo Dress
(The tiny delf centaur is on loan from pullipjunk, along with the pukifee)

Rococo Custom Monster High dolls on Etsy

Rococo Draculaura

With the latest patterns, I’ve finished some customs I started last year. Granted it’s only March, but ehehheh, that’s still a long time ^^; Anyhoo, they’re now on Etsy, so you can check them out there.

The rest are behind the cut Read more »

Rococo/Hime Lolita Petite Slimline Doll Pattern now on Etsy!

Rococo Dress set now on Etsy!

The Rococo/Hime Lolita pattern is now on Etsy! Yaaaay! You can buy it individually, or as part of the Frocks & Frill Lolita Value Pack.

I debated doing the pattern as a double pack as it has two bodices, two sleeves, and two skirts so technically 2 outfits, but the second half of the second page would just be filled with things in other patterns, like bloomers. Therefore, I decided that including it immediately in a value pack was a better plan, because the other outfit bits I would have included are already in those pattens, plus discount :)

Discount Packs now on Etsy!

Fan Favorites Value Pack
Cozy Casuals Value PackFeminine Flair Value PackCostume Party Value Pack

I added a bunch of discount bundled patterns on Etsy. The combined discounts range from about 20-30% off the price of the individual patterns in the bundle. Also, I learned from the problems ipad people had with .zip files with the holiday packs, so these are all in .pdf format :)

Looking-Glass Lolita Dress patterns for Petite Slimline and Tiny BJD

Petite Slimline Looking Glass Lolita Pattern
Tiny BJD Looking Glass Lolita Pattern

Two new patterns in the Etsy Shop!

I tried something new.  I have done some patterns across multiple sizes, but when I do, I write the instructions from scratch because the patterns usually have slight differences, like on one I write sew in the collar first, and on the other I write sew in the sleeves first. It doesn’t really matter, but if writing instructions, you have to make sure the diagrams match up to the written part!

Anyhoo, this is a fun pattern that isn’t very difficult.  You can leave off the sleeves, collar, pinafore, and make very simple sun dresses, or you can sew all the pieces and add as many ruffles, bows, and trim as you can fit on there!