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December 2014
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Upcoming Changes (Part 1)

Over the next month, with an estimated completion date of 2/1/2015, I am going to be redoing some of the patterns. In some cases patterns will be combined with others, in other cases they will disappear.

Please do not be alarmed^^;  I was still learning as I went as to what the best format would be for patterns, so early patterns were made with only 1 doll and 1 paper size in mind and no general strategy.

Example: MH Boys pants pattern and shirts pattern.  There’s a pants pack and a shirts pack, when all the other doll sizes have their own shirt & pants pack so that they can have a full outfit.  I think I’ll probably consolidate these two patterns into either 2 patterns each with different styles of pants and shirts, OR I’ll just combine the two patterns and make a mega pack.

Another target is going to be the early patterns that fit MH only but not EAH.  I know–I made a EAH conversion pack, but I’d really rather that the conversion pieces were in there so people wouldn’t need both.  In some (most) cases, the pattern was already so crammed onto 1 page that there will be no space for the new pieces, so the pattern will be changed from 1 page to 1.5 pages.

Prices on adjusted patterns will reflect the new patterns (I.E. if the boy patterns are combined, they will be priced like a double pack, and if something goes from 1 to 1.5 pages, it will probably be adjusted too, I’m just not sure how yet) so if you have something that you would want the existing format and not in a new format, buy now!  If, on the other hand, this new format sounds like just what you wanted, then waiting would be the smarter choice.

The Right Time

This is going to be a somewhat long, no-pictures post that involves NUMBERS.  OMG RUN!

…Still here?  Ok.  I haven’t lived an especially long time, but I have noticed that generally when I want to try something that may be a bit risky, as a rational person I go “Now isn’t a great time.  I should wait for (enter theoretical situation with ideal/more ideal circumstances)”.  What I have figured out, is what those circumstances rarely if ever come along.  Over time, life generally becomes more complicated not less.  So what I have been trying to do is for those things that I want to do, to not wait for “the right time.”  It isn’t going to happen.  I either have to make the right time, if possible, or I have to suck it up and take a risk, if I want it that bad.

Read more »

Cyber Monday @ my Etsy Shop

I put together some pattern collections for Cyber Monday!

There’s 8 collections covering different styles, like one for Pullips & Co, 1 for MH boys, one for Princess style dresses, one for steampunk style dresses, etc.  They’re different prices depending on how many patterns are in the collections, but they’re all discounted quite a bit, so if you were thinking about getting some patterns, now’s a good time to take a look!

Each collection is limited to 25 and will not be restocked.  If you missed the discount price on the new pattern, it IS included in the Casuals Collection :)

Pajama Party Pattern Pack!

Pajama Party Pattern Pack

The Pajama Party Pattern Pack is on Etsy. This is the pattern that was result of the sewing contest winner’s choice. Originally the prize was for a single pattern, but a PJ pack was already in the plans, so I did a double pack. These patterns are VERY forgiving, size-wise, and will fit all size MH girls, all size EAH girls, Dal/Byul and 23cm Obitsu bodies.  Probably Bratz too, but I don’t have any of those around to check.

Pajama Party Pattern PackPajama Party Pattern PackPajama Party Pattern Pack

A regular pattern has 1 complete outfit + variations and possibly an accessory or two. A pack usually has 3 complete outfits + variations. This pack has 3 dresses, 2 tops, and 3 bottoms for a total of 5.5 complete outfits + variations (option collars, sleeves, etc). It’s 7 pages long! I went waaaay overboard. And right now it’s only $5 on Etsy.

Dolly Meets

Pullip Junk lives a paltry 1 state away from me, so we are IRL friends as well as dolly-internet-y friends.  She came over Sunday for a much needed break and we played with dolls.

Surely there was much pink, and tea parties, and frills! Or, because it’s US, not so much. Since Princessa expressed her adoration of Loki in the Dalicious contest, Pullip Junk brought over her Hot Toys Loki.

Dolly Meet

And then the PC level dropped significantly when Princessa was awarded her Dalicious prize for placing 3rd, a 10th Anniversary Jouet doll. The rest is behind a cut due to violence, nudity, and bad taste. Read more »

Closet Cleaning!

MIB girls

It’s time to part with some MIB girls!  I certainly would never customize these sold-out, rare beauties, and they’ve just been sitting in a closet as backups in case the unthinkable happened to their out of box counterparts.  I need the space more than I need the peace of mind, so time to rehome! Read more »

Dalicious Round 5: Haunted

Dalicious 6: Haunted

The theme for the final round of Dalicious was “Haunted.”  I didn’t have an immediate idea for this one.  I did consider going down to the TAPS/Ghost Hunter headquarters (which is fairly near me; I’ve seen their truck on the highway more than once) and seeing if I could con convince them to rig up their equipment to test my “haunted” doll but… it was the week before Halloween!  I had work, two parties to go to, and three costumes to rig (one for me, two for other people) before the photo was due.

So my next idea was to do a setup from The Ring with Princessa.  The problem, though, is that Princessa has blonde curls and bangs, and the creepiest part about the ghost in The Ring was the black hair hanging in the face.  It just doesn’t work with blond ringlets.  What then?

Over the course of the contest, I’ve had a lot of people comment on how scary Princessa is.  Someone wanted to know if locked her up before I went to sleep :D  Therefore, I figured that I should scrap the well idea and have Princessa coming out of a TV.  I even had a little CRT dollhouse TV that I could rig Princessa crawling out of in a diorama…but again, the blonde ringlet problem. Then it hit me: I should have Princessa crawling out of the COMPUTER!  Yesss, anyone who views Princessa’s contest photos and doesn’t like/reblog them for other people to see within 7 days, will be visited by Princessa crawling out of their computer screen.  Mwahahaha!  Perfect!

My only regret with this picture is that it isn’t 3D.  It’s creepy, sure, but it’s downright scary in person!  I took Princessa’s body apart to rig this shot, so especially from an angle, you can tell the doll is coming out of the screen.  My parrot wouldn’t fly through the room I had the layout in, which she normally does all the time, while Princessa was in there.  We had to walk her past it to get her to her cage XD

Dalicious Round 5: Cooking

Dalicious 5: Cooking

Round 5 for Dalicious is cooking.  I’m hoping most people get the Breaking Bad reference.  If not, oh well!

See, Princessa had done cooking when she competed previously:

Dalicious #1: Guns 'n Apple Pie

The theme for that round was “nationality” and Princessa, being American, went with guns and apple pie.  And one cannot beat guns and apple pie, so I knew that for this round, Princessa would have to avoid the kitchen altogether!

So what to do?  A Hannibal Lecter inspired cooking bit just isn’t in character.  Princessa is evil, but she also has her very own specific personality.  Most of her evil stems from either hating Pullips (due to big brother complex) or self interest/profit.  Cooking people would be icky.  Cooking meth however, would be profitable!  Therefore, it was time to get out the lab equipment :)


I did have a nice black apron set up for her, but it just didn’t look right.  Princessa prefers girly things, so I pulled out her pink apron.

Dalicious: CookingDalicious: Cooking

Dalicious Round 4: Mythology

Dalicious: Mythology
Round 4 of Dalicious was Mythology. Unlike the other rounds, I didn’t have an idea right away.  Princessa isn’t really a classics girl, she’s more of a pop-culture girl.

The first idea I came up with was a counter picture to the other dals (with whom Princessa is at war) Greeks on the Beach but it’s really hard to portray the Trojan War without the horse.  Otherwise it’s a bunch of non-specific togas and armor.  Bleh.

In general, I wanted to avoid Greek/Roman mythology because I’m pretty sure it will be about half of all the entries at least.  If someone doesn’t do the birth of Venus, I’ll be shocked.  On the other hand, I really needed to avoid the obscure references.  I know a lot of people didn’t ‘get’ the reference in the last round, but not everyone was brought up on black and white classics like I was ^^;

I settled on Norse mythology because Princessa is blonde and blue eyed, but even dressing her up like a Valkyrie didn’t seem fitting.  Then I thought about dressing her up as a Thor fangirl, but I realized that Princessa wouldn’t like Thor.  Princessa would be a Loki fangirl.  And thus this idea was born!

But not so fast!  My printer broke last week.  Since I print something once every several months, I figured I’d just go to the print shop down the street.  Turns out transfer paper doesn’t work on laserjets, because the heat in the printer activates the glue and fuses the transfer paper to the inside of the printers ^^;  Then I started looking for any store that did printing in the area that had inkjet printers.  Not a one!  My in-laws have one, but they were out of town.  They came back, and I ran over on Sunday afternoon to use their printer.  Then it took four tries to get the image to transfer clearly (which is good, because I only printed 4 copies.  The cotton started to burn before the image transferred on most -.- ) but finally, FINALLY it worked and Princessa had her Loki body pillow!

Dalicious Round 3: Vintage

Dalicious Round 3: Vintage

The theme of round 3 was Vintage.  I figured (rightly) that most of the entries would focus on vintage fashion.  And while I could go that route… it’s really not very Princessa.  Princessa is an evil doll, so I had to do something in character with her.  So why not do vintage evil doll?

Now, there have been a LOT of evil dolls over the years.  I could have dressed up Princi as Chucky, which most people would have gotten but… no.  Too recent.  Not really vintage enough.  Why not do the first evil doll?  Talky Tina was the first evil doll (evil ventriloquist dummies are slightly older) from the Twilight Zone episode Living Doll. It’s on Netflix Watch-it-now, season 5, episode 6, if anyone hasn’t seen it.

Original Talking Tina

Talky Tina isn’t generally evil, like Chucky and most other evil dolls, she’s very specifically evil towards the step-father of the little girl who buys her, as he treats he step-family like crap.  That’s more the kind of evil doll Princessa is, too (not a kill-everyone-indiscriminately) so that seemed like a good fit…but how to do it in a picture?

I recreated the outfit, but then I was stuck.  My first idea was to make a box for her, and take a picture of her in that, but Talky Tina comes in a plain box.  Old dolls generally did; the really old ball jointed dolls had plain boxes with the manufacturer’s name on it, but that’s it.  Then I thought about recreating a scene, but there aren’t any scenes that are especially memorable.  Tina never chases anyone with an axe, she mostly just looks like a regular doll except she’s manipulative, making the step-father look like even more of a jerk than he is and drives him crazy until she trips him down a staircase.  So I went with this, using two of Talky Tina’s most memorable phrases in word-bubbles.