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January 2015
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(Sorta) New Slimline Boy clothes pattern for Monster High, Isul, Boyz, etc.

Ok, this isn’t a ‘new’ pattern, exactly, but since I took the other MH boy patterns out of the shop, I figured I’d announce this one:

Slimline Boy Basics

This pattern combines pieces from the shirts and pants patterns, so if you bought those patterns, don’t buy this one. If you didn’t, this one combines pieces from both so that you get 1 complete outfit. It does not have all of the variations from the tops/bottoms packs that are no longer for sale. Those pieces will reappear into other upcoming patterns.

This is also the first of the ‘slimline boy patterns’ so expect that the Isul patterns will be disappearing shortly as they will be absorbed into this category.

Duchess Swan Review

I ordered Duchess Swan through Amazon (Kitty sold out while I was being indecisive about the risk of unseen doll eye wonk) and she arrived! So here’s my review:

Duchess Swan

Here she is!  And not a bit of eye wonk!  Ever After High dolls seem to be a lot less susceptible to facial misprints than Monster High dolls, so it seems to be safer to buy them online.

This is pretty much how she was out of the box.  I did her hair, but nothing fancy, just pulled half of it back into a loose ponytail and then pinned the elastic against the head to cause the ‘pouf’.  Nothing complicated, because when it comes to hair I’m not really capable of anything complicated ^^;

I’m pretty happy with her :)  There was a lot of anxiety about this doll because of the pretty major differences between the show character and the doll, and yeah, they’re there.  However, they’re not nearly as bad as anticipated, and the good things, IMO, outweigh the bad things.

So first the good: Read more »

Ballet pattern Mega Pack is up!

The Ballet pack is now online!

Subscribers got the pattern a day ahead of time. They all found the shoe instructions very easy to follow, so yay :) You can go check out the pattern listing here.

This is a double pack. It has two complete outfits (performance ballet outfit and practice ballet outfit) and shoes. If you’ve never done shoes before, ballet shoes are probably the easiest shoe to make for dolls. The sole molds itself to the foot, and you don’t need to worry about heels. Since the arched feet look like they’re on point already, they look really natural on.

Almost there!

It's coming....

I’ve finished everything for the simple ballet outfit, but I really want to be able to include a ‘pancake’ style tutu, and I’m having a little bit of difficulty with that.  Real pancake tutus have wire in them and glue and all kinds of things that just don’t work in doll scale ^^;

Free Petite Slimline Pattern for Monster High, Ever After High, Dal, etc.

One of the things I was going to do when I revised the shop patterns was to add free patterns in different sizes for people to try.  The first one has been completed:

Simple Tee for Petite Slimline Dolls

I wanted to do a pattern that literally EVERYONE could do.  It’s simplified, includes even more non-sewing shortcuts, and even if you hand sew it shouldn’t take more than 15-20 minutes.

It isn’t the same pattern (or as perfectly fitting) as the Girls Basics pattern because it’s only 1 piece, but as far as a my-first-pattern type thing goes, you’ll get really good results with this :)


PS-  THIS WILL NOT COUNT AS A PATTERN FOR PATTERN SUBSCRIBERS!  I’ll probably send this pattern out to everyone who subscribed as a test to make sure all the emails they sent me work, but that’s it.



Size Charts

I’ve been working on categorizing different doll sizes, as mentioned.  While the project itself is an ongoing thing which will get bigger as each new doll is added, I do have some quick ref charts for the sizes/dolls I deal with most:

Petite Slimline

Slimline Male

These charts are done in the new universal/should print on both A4/Letter sizes equally well paper size I’m using, so it’s an easy way to sample that too :)

Subscriptions now available!

Pattern Subscription

5-Pattern Subscriptions are now available on Etsy! It’s ONLY for petite slimline girl sizes at the moment. 20 subscriptions are available (I don’t want to get in over my head with too long a list!).

Individual patterns are now $4.99-9.99 depending on how extensive they are, and the list price for the subscription is $22.50–or less, if you’re a previous buyer and have your Etsy settings set up to let you receive coupon codes ;)

The great measuring project!

Ok, so I’ve talked before about my plans to standardize doll sizes/shapes for modern fashion dolls, but now I’m in the process of taking all the measurements to do it.  The problem is that there are virtually NO measurements available for most dolls, so instead of looking them up, I have to get them all first.

As of right now I have measured or have bought to measure and have on the way:
Monster High (all sizes M/F)
Ever after high (all sizes M/F)
Pullip (all sizes)
Obitsu 21, 23, 27cm all size females, 27 slim male
Fairytale High
Bratzillaz/Tall bratz
Tinkerbell/Fairy friends 9”
Barbie (current basic size and Model Muse)
Volks 27cm M/F

Quite the list, huh?  But there’s so many more I don’t have yet, and some of them are pretty darn expensive, so I’m asking for help to get this done faster.  Please.

I’m looking for the following 9 measurements:
Body Height (shoulder to ankle/the height of the clothed bits)
Shoulder width (straight across the front)
Bust (the circumference of the chest at the widest)
Waist (the circumference of the smallest part of the torso)
Torso Length (From collarbones, down between the breasts to in between the legs where the front half of the body meets the back half.  Please measure the curve, not just the height as the fabric goes over the curve.)
Leg Length (Inseam, from crotch to ankle)
Leg Girth (circumference of thickest part of leg)
Arm Length (Shoulder to wrist, not including hand)
Arm Girth (circumference of thickest part of arm)

Any dolls in the playscale/fashion doll size that I don’t have would be appreciated, but I am especially looking for Skipper, Bratz (Original and 10/10/10 versions of boys and girls) Pure Neemo in 8 and 7.5 inches, Integrity lines (Fashion Royalty, Dynamite girls, etc) and Middie Blythe

When I’m done I will have all of the dolls sorted into body types and measurements on a huge table so that the eternal “What fits my doll” will plague us no more.

Comment with your doll and their measurements (in cm) <3

Helloooo 2015!

I like the new year.  I’m not so much on the resolutions, but I like to think that somehow the new years banishes whatever steak of (fill in the blank) that I had in the previous year.  It’s not logical in any way, but eh.  Life often defies logic.

The newest stumbling block on my road to self-employment is Europe’s new VAT tax rules on digital items, which goes into effect today that I found out about last night via an Etsy mass-emailing notifying sellers of digital items that they are not equipped to handle this, and the measures they are enacting (letting sellers opt out of selling to EU countries) won’t be available until sometime later this month.  Classy, Etsy.

So I’m adjusting my business plans again.  I am NOT going to stop selling to EU folks, but I am going to have to adjust some things.  Once Etsy allows us to opt out of selling digital items to EU countries, I will opt out of that but add printed copies with manually emailed backups of the print versions for the EU folks.  I’ll also see what I do about shifting the patterns to a compliant platform like  Amazon.

As a side effect, I’ll have to adjust my items to be one file instead of 2: one for A4 and one for Letter won’t work since most distribution platforms are optimized for only one file per item.  I think the best option is going to be using a custom paper size common to both (as in, A4 width and Letter length).  Time to research minimum printer margins and do some math!

Project #1

I got the basics of what I need to do worked out, but what about the fun stuff, like what I WANT to do?

I was thinking about trying to write a complete pattern book. Not a huge difference between that and what I’ve already done. The most recent pattern mega-pack had over 4 complete outfits in it, and the book I’m working out now has 8.

Oh, did that catch your attention?

Yes, 8. Furthermore, they’re boy patterns. I know, I said I needed to do something about the boy patterns. I am! I’m using them to experiment with a new format.

This will result in the existing boy patterns disappearing, but at the same time the new collection will be priced so that any overlap with the book and the two existing patterns would be less than the amount of the other 6 patterns sold individually. Which they won’t be. That’s the grand experiment: will a collection of outfits be a more effective way to make patterns for less popular dolls like boys?