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August 2014
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Sewing contest?

It’s been a while since I did a contest. I’m thinking that I hear a lot of “_____ is perfect for an outfit I’m planning! I just need time to do it…”

Contests are a great way to provide extra motivation!

I’m thinking of doing a sewing contest where all people have to do is make that outfit they’ve been trying to do. It’s the details I’m trying to figure out. Like:

How long should the contest run?
What prize would be the best motivation? (ex: free patterns, getting to design the next pattern, something else)
Should I pick the winner, or have it done by vote?
If I do it by vote, where/how would I do it?

So… ideas? Opinions?

Princess Dress Mega Pack #2 for EAH/MH

Princess Mega Pack #2 now on Etsy!

I just listed this one up on Etsy
. The last one sold out at the promo price in less than an hour, and I expect this one will go the same way, so if you’re going after the $1 off price, go go go go go! I haven’t even listed this anywhere besides Etsy and copies are already sold!

Yeolume Review

Yeolume comparisons

Yeolume came out a while ago. And then she disappeared. Literally. The company website doesn’t even show her existing anymore. There were 2 dolls made (this is the first) and… well yeah. She didn’t exactly win the hearts and minds of the public. But she’s still a member of the pullip family. This is my review, which is more of an analysis than anything else.

TONS of pictures ahead Read more »

A few quick shop notes:

I changed up the banner and have put some MH customs to the shop.

I also noticed with the last couple of patterns, that there were a lot of people using the repeat customer coupon code who hadn’t actually bought anything in the shop before, so I activated a new coupon code. Both are currently active (so it’s possible to buy something with the current discount code and get the new discount code, thus not missing any discounts) but the old one will be deactivated soon. Make sure your Etsy account is set to let you receive discount code emails :)

MH/EAH Super Stretch Pattern Pack

"Super Stretch" pattern now on Etsy

Holy shit 3 patterns in a week?!  Grab it now on Etsy

The reason for this abnormal pattern-making-splurge is that last Wednesday my employer got hacked and all the employees were put on unknown/indefinite leave while a forensic team looks at our network before we can work again.  Until then, have to use our holiday pay for this… holiday.  Which might end at any time, so I can’t make any long-term plans and pretty much have to sit around being ready to work again as soon as they give the word, while using my vacation time that I had been saving for an actual trip with my husband to be used while he is also on vacation, later this year.

Therefore, while I’ve been waiting, I’ve been knocking off household chores and crafting chores on my to-do list.  I’m happy I’ve been able to catch up somewhat on patterns since I’ve had so little sewing time these last couple of months… but not exactly pleased at the circumstances.

PukiFee/Lati Yellow Pattern Pack

Two patterns in two days?  SHOCK!!

PukiFee/Lati Yellow

Well, not really.  I may have mentioned before that I usually work on more than one pattern at the same time, especially if one of the patterns is driving me crazy and just won’t come together and I feel like throwing my sewing machine out the window, then a nice simple pattern set is a good way to keep things in perspective.

So!  Due to repeated requests by Pullip Junk, I have now put together a Tiny BJD basics pattern pack.  I was going to call it “As simple as fucking possible fashions” but it was just too long a title :P

But this pattern pack is really, really easy.  It has the no-sew shoulder options that the frock coat had, and tiny BJDs have limbs/torsos thicker than MH/EAH/Pullips, they’re just really freakin’ short, so they aren’t that hard to sew for.  I can actually fit my pinkie in the sleeves/legs to turn them, which makes things so much easier!

This is also an experimental pattern pack.  I don’t know how sewing-inclined tiny BJD owners are, so this might be a one off, or if it’s popular this doll size might make it into my regular rotation (if you want that to happen, spread the word!)

Monster High/Ever After High Frock Coat Pattern

New pattern time!

Frock Coat Pattern on Etsy

This pattern was… crazy.  I think it holds my current record for the most amount of drafts.  I went through around 5 sewn experimental coats before I got a pattern that worked.  BUT as a result I’m trying something new.  Now usually I include extra collars, cuffs, sleeves, etc for different style variations, but in this pattern I included a difficulty variation.  I was chatting with KeelyVH, and we were both talking about how shoulder seams are THE WORST part of sewing doll clothes, because they’re tricky and even after you sew them correctly they sometimes burst because turning the sleeve right-side out on a teeny tiny outfit puts a lot of stress on that seam.  So in this pattern, you have the option of a sleeve seam or no sleeve seam, with different pattern pieces for both, as well as instructions to fake the look of the shoulder seam if you don’t sew one in the old fashioned way.  The pirate coat had the authentic seam, and Headmistress Bloodgood’s frock coat has no shoulder seam and was WAY easier and took like 30 minutes less time to do.   So that’s this pattern’s innovation.  I look forward to feedback, because if people like it, I’ll try to include more ‘easy’ variants in future patterns.

Now on Etsy!

It’s been a little over a month since I released a pattern… but no more!

The Steampunk Engineer outfit is now on Etsy.  It has spats.  I don’t know how many other people think spats are as fabulous as I do.  F*ck leggings, bring back spats!

Er, anyway, you can go check it out on Etsy. The rest of the outfit apart from the spats is pretty nice too.  I developed a new kind of shirt sleeve cuff to reduce the bulk of sleeves and make it easier for them to be worn under other things.  The shorts have different cuts so they can be worn in all kinds of ways.  And Spats!

New Pattern Selection Poll!

I’ve finished making most of the patterns on the previous to-do list, so here’s a list of the current things I am considering:

Which patterns do you want MOST (pick 2)

View Results

A breakdown of what each pattern would be for behind the cut Read more »

PUDDLE 2014 Part 3: So. Many. Rainbows.

PUDDLE 2014′s theme was rainbows.  And there were many of them!  My booth looked much more organized than last year, but still not exactly fancy as everything I had was brought in my carry-on luggage:

My booth
(I haven’t had time to put all the dolls I had up for sale in my Etsy Shop, I’ll put another post up when I do)

Read more »