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May 2015
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One last BJD post!

Ok, I know I’ve posted a lot of BJD stuff lately, but I swear it’s not a new thing.   I recently did some work on a friend’s doll who came with non-matching extra hands…and only 1 hand that actually matched the body >.<  Customizing to the rescue!

One of these hands is not like the others...

The hand in the middle is the matching hand.  The hands on the wrists were originally white skin.  I covered them in a semi-transparent glaze of liquid acrylic to tint them to match the body, added a little bit of pastel between the fingers for shading, and then sealed them with a light matte spray coating.

This is the method I used to blend Alice Omega‘s white sculpted zombie parts to the rest of her face.  It’s a lot more play friendly than airbrushing and pastels, and gives a much more even result than building up layers of pastels over a large area.

The one drawback is that this method works much better going from light to dark than dark to light…but since very few dolls come in any shade I would remotely consider to be ‘dark’ that shouldn’t be much of a problem!

Dark Elf Soo complete!

Dark Elf Soo Minifee

After trying on some different wigs, I settled with this lovely pink one!  I brought her to the Boston BJD meet and stripped her to show off the Hujoo body.  The Hujoo body is heavier than the resin bodies of the same size I have, so I don’t know what people are talking about with the light bodies?  Maybe they’ve just handled the vinyl shelled ones, or maybe other ABS dolls out there are less dense than the Hujoo.

If anyone ever questions my sanity…

I spent a day measuring the apartment I’m moving into and creating a to-scale floor plan on graph paper, then measuring every piece of furniture in my house, creating scale models of that, and arranging, and rearranging, and rearranging on my model floor plan until I got a layout that allowed for optimal usage and flow.

So I’m kind of afraid of myself now. On the other hand, I’m going from a 1,900 sq ft + basement house to a 930 sq ft apartment, and will only need a 5×7 or 5×8 storage unit. When we move, we’ll only have to make 1 trip because we’ll know exactly what will/won’t fit in the apartment, and won’t waste any time rearranging furniture when we get there.

BJD custom: Dark Elf Soo Minifee Hybrid

While Pullips have (and still are) my preferred doll, I’ve always liked BJDs. One of my early favorite sculpts was the Dark Elf/Human Soo sculpt. It was just a little bit more sophisticated than regular Soo, and has the almond eyes and heart-shaped face I love in Pullips:
Luts Delf Soo Dark Human
However, I figured out a long time ago that I don’t really like dolls larger than 1/6. 1/4 dolls are OK, but 1/3 dolls I don’t like handling, especially if they’re resin.

When Fairyland created their own company, they released a lot of the original 1/3 Luts head sculpts in 1/4 size. The doll that finally got me to give in and buy resin was Rheia, but I wanted a more elegant body for her than the minifee body, so I ended up buying a Soul Kid body with a Dark Elf Soo head hybrid secondhand. The minifee head isn’t the same as the Delf head: the Delf head is longer, with different lips, but it looked enough like it that I decided hey, maybe an extra head isn’t such a bad thing to have around!

The head has been a floater for the last 5 years, even though I bought a Hujoo 44cm ABS body to pair with it (for anyone interested, a Hujoo body is a great match for older fairyland resin that has mellowed a little). But, straight out of the box, the Hujoo body looks not so great. It wasn’t until last month that I took it apart, sanded it, toned it, and restrung it so that it would work with the blank head. Once I finished, the body looked spectacular, and I decided it was time to do the head!
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Oh noes the Facebook!

Now on Facebook!

I finally gave in and set up a Facebook page for the website/shop as well as a Twitter account!

The last giveaway, I kept getting notes from people who were only just noticing that I was having it all the way up to the last day.  A giveaway is no fun if people don’t know it’s going on!  It took me a long time to get those 1,000 reviews!  So I’m going to try harder now.

Giveaway results:
The custom outfit was won by monkeypizzasonic!
The free patterns for the rest of the year was won by Ava!

Next event: I’m 14 followers away from 1,000 on Tumblr!  I have no idea what I’ll do for that, but you betcha I’ll do something :)

Tiny BJD Hanbok on Etsy

Tiny Hanbok

The Tiny BJD version of the Korean hanbok is now on Etsy too.

And LAST DAY for the giveaway!

Petite Slimline Hanbok Pattern complete!

Hanbok now on Etsy

This pattern was a BEAR. Literally. Furry, tried to maul me, steal my picnic basket.

…OK, maybe not literally. It comes down to that it is a very specific outfit that has a very specific look that doesn’t translate well to a 10″ doll because fabrics that drape well on a 10″ doll don’t generally drape well on people. Kind of like how you can almost never find a good, small-scale doll fabric pattern.

In the end, I stopped trying to find a fabric that would do it, and adapted the traditional way the clothes are made to something that will look like the traditional clothes, using fabrics most people will be able to find. But it’s done!

Also, there’s only slightly more than a day left for April’s Etsy giveaway. Don’t you want to win stuff?

1,000 Review Giveaway

1000th Review Giveaway on Etsy

Just a reminder, the 1,000th Etsy Review Giveaway ends at the end of the month! If you made any order from my shop in the last 60 days, you can leave a review, it doesn’t have to be a purchase made this month, the REVIEWS just has to be made this month!

I did a pretty crappy job advertising this, so the odds for both prizes (free outfit commission and free patterns for the rest of the year) are very good!

3 new Tiny BJD Patterns!

My usual plan with the tiny patterns is to just convert whatever pattern I just made in MH size.  However, I don’t have a kimono pattern for tinies, and that’s something that I thought they could really use because it’s such an easy, beginner-friendly pattern, so I did that too and tried to figure out how I could fit it all together.  In the end, splitting it up into individual outfits just seemed to make the most sense over a double or triple pack, so here are all 3, now up in my Etsy shop!
Tiny BJD Kimono Pattern now on Etsy!Tiny Gi now on Etsy!

Tiny Miko/Kenshin outfit now on Etsy!

Isn’t the bunny cute? She’s a Pipos Jr Pi bunny on loan from Pullip Junk. There are so many 16cm tiny dolls out there, I don’t think I’ll ever have a complete list ^^;

New outfits available on Etsy!

I’ve been sewing like a demon for the last few days, and here’s the result:

Tiny Furisode


Tiny BJD Yukata

Tiny yukata

ALL OF THEM are now available in my Etsy Shop.  And yes, the do count for the 1000 Review giveaway contest!

Why a dozen tiny kimono?  Mostly because I buy tiny-scale kimono fabrics and hoard it, and Pong just looks so darn cute!  I’ll probably put together some petite slimline clothes too, but I haven’t decided what yet.