About Us

...and by 'us' I mean my shop, Requiem Art Designs, and me, Gwendolyn! 

How did all this start? Good question!

When I was a kid, I learned to sew by sewing for my dolls.  I think that's how it is with most kids--the attention span needed for doll clothes is just about what an average 7 year old can handle.

I didn't go on to art school for fashion.  I'm pretty sure there isn't a program out there for designing fashion doll clothes!  Until you get to dolls as big as human infants (like American Girl) trying to do things the 'human way' will usually just get you headaches and chunky clothes.

Fortunately, I discovered Japanese doll clothes patterns.  These looked nothing like the boxy patterns I had bought and hated at the fabric store, and they gave great results!  Unfortunately, they were all for dolls I didn't sew for, but at least I knew it was possible to do good doll patterns, provided they were done nothing like human patterns. 

I sewed for myself exclusively until 2012, when Monster High dolls came out.  These awesome fashion dolls had no fashion packs, and no 'other dolls' whose clothes they could steal from, either.  Because of that, people started to get interested in sewing doll clothes, and as one of the few people already doing it, I got asked to make some patterns. 

Since my patterns have helped so many people learn to sew, I kept at it.  I've got this weird belief that if people spent more time enjoying something that I make than it takes for me to make it, it's time well spent.   After a few years it started to do the magical thing that every artist/entrepreneur aspires to (pay for groceries). 

So now this is me!  I do what I like to do, which helps make other people happy and even sometimes goes on to help them make other people happy!  Best job in the world :)


Apart from my patterns, I've also made Amelia, a Pullip doll that was produced as a 400-doll limited edition PullipStyle store exclusive. She broke sales records by becoming the store's best seller for the entire year within 24 hours of being released.  She's long sold out now, but who knows, maybe there'll be an sequel ;)