Sizing Charts

Doll sizing isn't quite like people sizing!  Over the years I've measured hundreds of dolls and crunched numbers until I came up with my current system.

For dolls, the size has less to do with how tall the doll is as much as the body shape.  For example, if you were to pick up a vintage pattern for '11.5 inch Fashion Dolls,' you'd be surprised to find that the clothes would fit no 11.5 inch fashion doll in your local store's toy aisle. 

That's because up until the 1990s, all 11.5" fashion dolls either were Barbies or had the same body shape as Barbies so they could share clothes.  Then Barbie changed her body shape (multiple times!) and other dolls came onto the market with their own unique body shapes.

The smallest doll I make patterns for is 4" tall (Tiny BJDs) and the largest, 24" (Curvy 1/3).  In between are lots of dolls with different heights, genders, and body shapes. 

Here's a list of the current sizing charts:


I don't have charts for every size yet, and am currently working on standardizing these, so please standby!  This is going to be updated a lot.