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If you enjoy the fashions in Romeo & Juliet, The Borgias, and Ever After, this is the pattern for you!  This is an empire-waisted, round cut bodice with segmented puff sleeves and a flowing skirt.  It comes with single and 2-color cuts so you can mix different styles and fabrics.

Patterns Included:  Bodice with/without ruffle, segmented puff sleeves, 1-color and 2-color bodice, 1-color and 2-color skirt.
Supplies needed: 1/4 yard fabric, thread/sewing supplies
Difficulty: Advanced (sleeves, uses delicate fabrics).  This pattern isn't very difficult structurally--the sleeves are no harder than puff sleeves, just 3 puffs instead of 1--but this style needs fine tulle for the puffs and the dress made from a light cotton like voile or a thin taffeta to look period appropriate and those fabrics take some experience to work with in doll scale.

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